Client Expectations in Today's Marketplace

Domain: Client Services

Wicker Park Group consultants interview hundreds of clients each year on behalf of law firms located around the world. The interviewees include business owners, company executives and in-house counsel representing a wide range of industries. Taken together, the interviews offer unique insights into the essential expectations that build strong client relationships regardless of location, industry or client history.

This program will highlight the most common themes in client expectations, including the complaints and praise - both big and small - that clients identify as greatly impacting the well-being of their outside counsel relationships. In addition, Wicker Park Group partners will explain what clients think about client feedback, why it’s critical to consistently seek their input, the global trends in client feedback and best practices from successful client feedback and client service programs in law firms.

Laura Meherg, Partner, Wicker Park Group
Nathaniel E. Slavin, Partner, Wicker Park Group

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