Announcing the 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference Call for Speakers

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We invite you to submit program ideas for the 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference, taking place November 14 and 15 in New York City at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. 


The 3rd annual LMA Northeast Regional Conference offers attendees of all firm sizes and levels an opportunity to expand their skills in business development, communications and technology and everything in between. Learn innovative ways to navigate changes in our dynamic field, and walk away with actionable ideas and strategies that increase their value. 

Through a variety of session formats, including hands-on workshops, roundtable discussions, TED-style Talks and panel presentations, #LMANE19 is where some of the most innovative thinkers in our industry will provide examples, inspiration and takeaways that attendees of all levels can apply to the challenges and opportunities we face in our roles, in our organizations and in our industry. 

Many of our industry’s top law firms call New York City home, and so it is also fitting that the top legal marketing conference of our region is being held in the Big Apple. 


We want attendees to not just understand the current trends in legal marketing and big picture ideas but also learn how to apply them to their day-to-day initiatives.

Our goal is to provide the best learning experience for attendees and to have a range of programming that: 

  • Addresses current and future trends in legal marketing and business development
  • Engages the audience through interactive elements and dynamic speaking styles
  • Provides useful and actionable takeaways for attendees when they return to the office
  • Educates legal marketers at all levels of their careers
  • Addresses issues facing small, medium and large firms
  • Visit our web site for ideas on topic suggestions


Both LMA members and non-members are encouraged to submit program ideas. We currently anticipate the following program formats: 

  • Lecture: Traditional session format for several presenters to cover content through a presentation with time for a short Q&A at the end.
  • TED-Style Talks: These sessions are composed of several short-form, standalone 15-20 minute presentations connected by a common theme and tied together by a moderator. A Q&A will follow at the end of the session in which all speakers participate.
  • Workshop: This type of program focuses on hands-on learning, allowing for a deep dive of real-world application that might include activities such as role-playing, interactive group projects, tool application, etc.
  • Case study: Share your experience by walking through a recent project and how you learned from it.
  • Something new? If you have a format you'd like to propose, let us know! 

When submitting, indicate your session format in the learning techniques field! 


  • Be sure to include all of the requested information.
  • Remember that this is an educational opportunity and should not be used to sell a product or service.
  • Be specific. Tell us how you will engage and educate your audience.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of audience members – think about what they would want to know and write your submission with them in mind.
  • Consider these questions:
  • What takeaways will attendees gain from your session?
  • Will there be a toolkit that attendees can take to their firms and implement immediately?
  • Will the session be interactive?
  • What type of materials will you provide?
  • Provide complete information on co-presenters.
  • Previous footage: If you have any recorded footage of you presenting, regardless of the topic, it would be helpful to include this for the committee to review.
  • References. Please provide the name and contact information for two people who have heard you present at a past conference.
  • For more information on how to write a strong submission, take a look at this JD Supra article, Want to Be Selected as a Conference Speaker? Here's How to Increase Your Chances.” 


The LMA Northeast Regional Conference Call for Speakers is housed within the LMA Speaker Database. You will follow the same steps as if you were submitting to the overall Speaker Database. Under “Opportunities Available” you will indicate your intention to submit for this specific conference. Visit the Call for Speakers page on our web site for all the info you’ll need to submit. 

Additional questions? Contact The LMA Education Team at

Learn more about the 2019 LMA Northeast Conference.

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