5 Ways to Get Involved Locally in LMA

Meeting the right people in the right way can mean the difference between a steady career and a skyrocketing career. There is no better way to connect with the rising stars and established leaders in legal marketing than through face-to-face local events — and especially through local volunteerism.

Take the next step in widening your legal marketing networking net by getting involved in a volunteer capacity — whether that is a couple hours at a single local event or taking on a more substantial role like being on your local steering committee for your local group.

Here are five ways to get involved at the local level:

  1. Support at a single local event (e.g., greeter, registration desk, set up)
  2. Local marketing ambassador (e.g., sending local group social media/communications)
  3. Local sponsorship ambassador (e.g., secure sponsorships for local events)
  4. Local mentor for LMA members
  5. Regional conference volunteer (e.g., serving on the conference programming committee, identifying local speakers, manning the registration desk)

There are myriad local volunteerism opportunities, especially with regards to local educational or networking events, that differ from local group to local group, so we encourage you to reach out to your current local steering committee leaders to see what specific opportunities are available to you in your local group.


Interested in taking on an even larger volunteerism role?

The call for nominations for local steering committees is now open. Learn more about this critical volunteer leadership opportunity and apply today!


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