Announcing the 2019 LMA Southwest Region Local Steering Committee Leaders

Thank you to those that took the time to ratify the 2019 LMASW Regional Board Local Leadership Slates.  The LMA Southwest Region Local Leadership Committees will be comprised of the following individuals:


  • Natalie Douglas, Chair
  • Melissa Robles, Member at Large (Membership)
  • Clara Bonilla, Member at Large (Programming)


  • Stacey Hall, Chair
  • Brooks Igo, Member at Large (Sponsorship)
  • Martha Barrios, Member at Large (Membership)
  • Brandice Johnson, Member at Large (Programming)


  • Emily Tucker, Chair
  • Kourtney Goebel, Co-Chair
  • Allie Trapp, Member at Large
  • Eric Schwartz, Member at Large
  • Amber Vincent, Past Chair


  • Justin Flowers, Chair
  • Mackie Wood, Chair-Elect
  • Rita Rodriguez, Member at Large (Membership)
  • Ashley Black, Member at Large (Programming)
  • Laura Gallardo, Member at Large (Communications)

New Orleans/Baton Rouge

  • Brett Napier, Chair
  • Rachael Schilling, Vice Chair
  • Glynna Mayers, Secretary/Member at Large (Programming)
  • Elizabeth Brick, Member at Large (Membership/Ambassadorship)
  • Katherine Rivera, Member at Large


  • Lauren Barlow, Chair
  • Anna Walp, Chair Elect
  • Nicole DePue, Immediate Past Chair
  • George Hirka, Member at Large

San Antonio

  • Delisi Friday, Chair
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