2018 LMA Northeast Regional Conference Speaker Spotlight: Jenna Schiappacasse

Schiappacasse Jenna.jpegThe 2018 LMA Northeast Conference is just around the corner, Jenna Schiappacasse, director of client development at Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP, will moderate a discussion on Friday, October 26 featuring executives from leading companies that sell to law firms, and what they have learned about professional services business development in working with legal marketing professionals. In this Q&A, Jenna tells us more about what attendees can expect from her session. 

Why do you submit to present at the LMANE018 conference?

My fellow panelists and I think that sharing lessons learned and best practices from the viewpoint of LMA business partners will illustrate that no matter which side of a business you sit on, client service must be the ultimate goal. Our panelists have tangible takeaways to offer attendees surrounding marketing, business development and client service.

What are you hoping attendees learn from your presentation?

We hope attendees leave the session with applicable lessons to take back to their offices and implement. Our panelists want to show attendees that approaching business development and marketing initiatives with a client-centric viewpoint will help showcase their value within their firms. The panelists will also share stories from the trenches using relationships, efficiencies and data to drive client loyalty.

What key lessons have business partners learned about professional services marketing in working with legal marketing professionals?

Always remember your audience and our industry’s intricacies; take calculated risks, but risks nonetheless; think always about making your client’s life easier, being trustworthy and likeable, and solving for the right problems; make sure you know your client’s business (or your attorneys’ practice) well, or you aren’t serving them to the best of your ability.

What are you personally expecting to get out of this year's LMANE18 conference?

I hope to glean knowledge from other sessions and the perspectives from outside of the legal industry, to connect with industry friends new and old, and hopefully to find time for a few lobster rolls in between!

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