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The Client Value SIG will focus on Pricing, Project Management, Process Improvement and Practice Management. This topic advances LMA's mission of providing thought leadership for the legal marketplace as it relates to the 4 P's of marketing: Promotion, Placement, Pricing and Product.

Client Value SIG Leaders:

  • Toby Brown, Chief Practice Management Officer, Perkins Coie LLP
  • Purvi Sanghvi, Director of Strategic Pricing, Paul Hastings LLP

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We currently have 8 files in our file library. Our latest files added:

  • Where Does Budgeting & Pricing Fit Within New Business Intake? (CV SIG)
  • A Fork in the Road? Hiring Dedicated Legal Project Managers vs. Training Lawyers in LPM (CV SIG)
  • Building an Accurate Matter Budget Without Fancy Tools (Client Value SIG)

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