Frequently Asked Questions

    LMA Website Login/Access

  • How do I log in to the Members Only area?

    If you are having trouble accessing the Members Only area because you have forgotten your Username or Password, follow these steps.

    1.   In the Member Login area, beneath the Log In button, click on the “Username and/or Password Help” link.

    2.   Fill in your email address and select ok

    3.   Click on "Email Username and Password"

    4.   An email will be sent to you immediately with your login and temporary password information

    5.   If you are unable to successfully login after following these steps, please contact LMA HQ.


  • My user name and password still will not work?

    The LMA Members-Only section of the Web site is open only to current members of the association. Your membership may have expired. Contact LMA HQ at (312) 321-6898 to determine the status of your membership.

  • I am trying to log into my chapter site to register for an event and my user name and password is not working?

    LMA Chapter sites have different logins and passwords. Check with your chapter technology chair for more information. If you recently renewed your membership, your active status may not yet be recognized by your chapter. In this case, contact the event's organizer to register manually. LMA HQ can assist with showing proof of your active membership status to receive the member rates.

  • How do I change my password?

    Under FOR MEMBERS, select MY LMA. Place your mouse over the ACTIONS tab. Select CHANGE PASSWORD from the dropdown menu. A new page will open type your new password in each of the boxes. Select OK.

  • What if I get a security error?

    You have likely received this error because you have landed on https:// instead of http://. Please make sure you are landing on The security certificate is configured differently than it was on the old site so users don't land on an https:// page unless it is a payment portal. If you continue to get this error, please contact HQ.

  • LMA Membership Information

  • Is my membership still current and what is my renewal date?

    If you are able to log into the Members-Only section, you are still a member. Membership expires on 12/31 of each year and can be renewed anytime by clicking on "Renew Membership" under the "For Members" top navigation. Enter login and password and click "Sign in" if directed to do so.

  • How do I renew my LMA Membership?

    LMA’s Web site makes renewing your membership easy with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. Instead of having to remember to mail or fax your dues invoice, you are able to renew your LMA membership online instantly with VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

    To renew your membership online:

    • If you have not already done so, log into the Web site using your username and password.
    • Once you are on the Members Only landing page, click on Renew Membership under For Members on the top navigation..
    • To settle your account, click “Pay Invoice” at the bottom of the invoice. Confirm total, enter appropriate credit card information and click “check out”.
    • Payment will be processed within 24 hours. Access to the Web site should not be interrupted.

    If you have any questions, please contact LMA HQ at (312) 321-6898.

  • My membership expired – how do I become reinstated?

    LMA offers members a 30-day grace period following the expiration of their membership. If you are within this time frame, simply renew your membership.

    If your membership has lapsed beyond 60 days, please contact LMA HQ at (312) 321-6898.

  • What happened to the Limited and International Membership types?

    As an ongoing commitment to look for ways to freshen and strengthen the value of membership services and benefits, a task force examined LMA's membership structure in 2010. After extensive research and analysis of member input, the task force recommended - and the board approved - a simpler membership structure. The two-year phase-in of this new membership structure consists of:

    • Changing to a calendar year renewal process, which took effect in January 2011
    • Eliminating the initiation fee as well as the Full/Limited membership distinction and the International/US distinction
    • Adding discounted group rates for firms and companies with multiple LMA members, effective with 2012 membership renewals

  • How can I pay my membership dues?


    1. Visit
    2. Enter your login and password (to reset your online username and password, click on “Forgot your Username or Password?” under the login box)
    3. Click the “Members Only” tab at the top
    4. Click “Renew Membership” in the member login box
    5. Update your personal profile and then click “Save Information”. Please make sure to review & update your information in each of the tabs.  Once you are finished updating your profile click “Continue”.
    6. Enter your billing address and select if you wish to pay by credit card or check. If paying by credit card, enter your credit card information and then click "Submit Payment & Complete".  If paying by check, click "Submit Payment & Complete" and the system will generate an invoice that should be returned with payment.


  • Where should my membership dues payment be sent?

    If paying by check, please include your member ID and name and send payment to:

    Legal Marketing Association
    8201 Solutions Center
    Chicago, IL 60677-8001

    If paying by credit card, please send your payment to:

    Legal Marketing Association
    330 N. Wabash Ave, Suite 2000
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Fax: (312) 673-6894

  • How long does it typically take to process my membership dues payment?

    Online payments are processed immediately.

    Renewals that are sent in to LMA Headquarters with either check or credit card must be processed manually and the process may take 7-10 business days.

  • How do I receive a receipt for payment from LMA?

    Please contact LMA HQ to request a receipt.

  • Is there a grace period for my membership?

    Yes, there is a 30 day grace period for all members.  If your membership is not renewed by the 30 day grace period date, you will lose all membership rights and access to the members' only portion of the LMA web site.   

  • How can I take advantage of the new In-Transition membership category?

    The “In-Transition” membership category applies only to current members who are currently unemployed and seeking new positions. The “In Transition” membership category is priced at $100 for six months, with the possibility of extending to a total of 12 months at no additional charge. It is only applicable for current members at renewal time, not new members, and chapter dues will still come at the current cost. Find out more and apply today.

  • Is my membership transferable?

    LMA individual memberships may be transferred to another person if the individual member requests such a transfer via this Membership Transfer Form. The membership will be transferred to the requested individual and the departing member will be allowed to continue his/her membership for the remainder of the calendar year. A $75 transfer fee will be applied.

  • How do I join a committee?

    Members may express interest in serving on International or Chapter committees in three ways.

    1. New Member - Membership application forms contain a section where you can indicate your desire to participate on a committee, either at the local chapter level or at the International level.

    2. Renewing Member - On your membership renewal form. When renewing your membership, the online and hard copy dues renewal packages have a page titled Committee Interest. These packages are individually tailored to your chapter.

    3. By contacting the relevant committee chair or board liaison. Members may obtain LMA International committee chair e-mail contact information by clicking on "Committees" under My LMA on the Members Only page.

  • I joined LMA, but I have never received my copy of Strategies journal?

    New LMA members will start to receive the journal Strategies 45 days after their membership is activated. You will receive a copy of Strategies in your new member kit. Current and recent issues are available online. A multi-year archive may be reviewed in the members-only resource center.

    If you have not received a copy of Strategies 60 days after your membership payment has been processed, contact LMA HQ.

  • If I am a member of an LMA chapter, am I a member of LMA International?

    All members of chapters are automatically members of LMA International.

  • Does LMA offer discounts for firms/companies with multiple members?

    We do offer a group membership option. Please click here for more information.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions about my membership?

    Questions about membership should be directed to LMA Headquarters at (312) 321-6898 or

  • LMA Member Profile Changes

  • How do I change my contact information online?

    LMA allows you to update your membership information online. Changes are reflected on the Web site within 24 hours.  This access to important data successfully bridges the communication gap.  Here’s how to change/update your membership information online:

    1.  Go to
    2.   Log into the site.
    3.   Once logged in, make sure you are on the members only page by clicking "Members
          Only" on the top navigation menu.
    4.   On the lower left-hand side of that page, under My LMA Account, click on "Edit Profile".
    5.   Click "OK" to accept changes.

  • Is my membership transferable?

    LMA individual memberships may be transferred to another person if the individual member requests such a transfer via this Membership Transfer Form. The membership will be transferred to the requested individual and the departing member will be allowed to continue his/her membership for the remainder of the calendar year. A $75 transfer fee will be applied.

  • If I am an LMA member and I change employers, do I maintain my membership?

    Your LMA membership belongs to you. If you change employers, you maintain your individual membership at your new firm provided you are still active in the industry.

    If relocating to a new city, your chapter affiliation will be transferred to that region.  If there is no chapter in that region, you will be considered a member-at-large. To transfer your chapter affiliation,  please contact LMA HQ.

  • Do my membership dues include local chapter membership?

    Membership dues include local chapter membership where applicable.

  • Must I join the chapter in my area?

    If your address falls within a chapter's region, you will automatically become a member of that chapter. Members outside of designated chapter areas are considered members-at-large.

  • Who should I contact if I have questions about my membership?

    Questions about membership should be directed to LMA Headquarters at (312) 321-6898.

  • LMA Job Bank

  • How do I post a job?

    1. LMA Members must login to obtain member rate.

    2. Hover over Resources on the top navigation menu and select Job Bank from the drop down.

    3. Click on the Post a Job Now button at the bottom.

    4. Title. Enter the basic job title. e.g., Director of Marketing; Business Development Manager; Communications Specialist; Event Planner.

    5. Short Description. Enter up to two sentences to appear on the job search results page. e.g., Smith & Jones LLP seeks a Director of Marketing to lead the department and implement the firm's marketing priorities.

    6. Job Type. e.g., Marketing; Business Development; Public Relations; Event Planning, Data Base Management, etc.

    7. Employment Type. e.g., Full Time, Part Time, Temporary.

    8. Location. Enter general location (there's another opportunity to designate specific location). e.g., Southern California; Bay Area; Chicago; Houston.

    9. Job Description. Enter full job description. If you are copying from a document, please make sure to paste as plain text to avoid count errors.

    10. Specific Requirements (optional). If this information is not included in Job Description, enter individual requirements one-by-one, hitting "enter" after each.

    11. Enter City and designate State and Region. The system will only allow one city to be searchable. If you are looking to post a job in multiple cities, please consider creating an additional posting.

    12. Enter Company Name with no formatting.

    13. Company Overview (optional)

    14. Enter Contact Name and e-mail address. Telephone and fax numbers optional.

    15. Designate Blind Post if you want to remain anonymous. LMA-HQ will receive all responses and forward them to a designated contact for a $50 handling fee.

    16. Enter Apply Online address if your organization requires applicants to use an online system.

    17. Click Save.

    18. Review submission. Edit if necessary by selecting EDIT JOB POST.

    19. Once satisfied, select PURCHASE JOB POST.

    20. Complete Job Posting Order Form and select Submit Order.

    21. LMA-HQ will process the order and publish your listing to the LMA International Job Bank before the close of the next business day.

  • How do I receive a receipt for my LMA Job Bank posting?

    Please contact LMA HQ to request a Job Bank post receipt.

  • How quickly does the job get posted after payment?

    After payment has been processed, jobs are posted within 24 hours.

  • What is a Blind Posting?

    Blind Job Bank listings are a service provided by LMA, where the jobs are posted anonymously and responses are handled through LMA HQ. There is an additional $50.00 handling fee for blind postings.

  • I posted a position in the Job Bank and it is not listed – Why?

    Please make sure your invoice has been paid. If paying by check, upon receipt of the check the post will go live.
    Job Bank listings must be approved by the LMA Web site administrator. Posts are approved by the end of the day it was submitted or the following business day.

  • How do I edit my job listing?

    When you first post on the LMA Job Bank, the email address entered in the contact details section is sent an email containing your Job ID code. Please copy this code into here to edit or repost your job.

  • How do I cancel/remove my Job Bank post?

    Please contact LMA HQ to request that your Job Bank listing be removed. Otherwise, your posting will automatically be removed after the 30 day period is over.

  • What if I receive notification I exceeded the allowed character count?

    If you are using a Windows PC:
    Please choose “paste as plain text” when you right click to paste your description in the box. If this is not an option, open Notepad. Notepad can be found by selecting All Programs on your Start Menu, selecting Accessories, and then Notepad. Paste your description in Notepad. Then copy your description from Notepad and paste in the description box in your posting.

    If you are using a MAC:
    Please open TextEdit in your Utilities folder. Paste your description into TextEdit. Copy your description from TextEdit and paste in the description box in your posting.

    Using this method eliminates the html Word and other programs contain, which increases your character count.

  • LMA Chapters

  • Where are LMA chapters located?


    The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) welcomes members' interest in convening a chapter. Chapters are vital in communicating the needs of the local legal community and instrumental in setting direction for our entire association.

    The purpose of a Chapter is to meet, regionally, the professional needs of the in-house law firm marketing administrator. As LMA membership increases, regional affiliations provide a convenient way to maintain or increase contact with other members of the association, and a cost-effective way to provide educational programming.

    The objectives of the Chapter should be to establish and maintain a regional organization to:

    • Assist in establishing professional standards of performance;
    • Encourage active communication and cooperation among members;
    • Provide continuing education and professional development of members;
    • Use the knowledge and experience of the members to promote the marketing profession in both the legal community and geographic area;
    • Be a forum for the sharing of ideas and experiences among its members, taking into consideration the competitive position of the members' firms and the confidential nature of certain issues.

    Chapters provide members with a cost-effective means to achieve the following goals:

    • Keep abreast of trends in the constantly evolving legal marketing industry,
    • Maintain open channels for the interchange of ideas,
    • Provide regionally-based opportunities for education, research and training,
    • Provide networking opportunities.

    If you are interested in forming a chapter in your region or city, contact LMA Headquarters at

  • Do my membership dues include local chapter membership?

    Membership dues include local chapter membership where applicable.

  • Must I join the chapter in my area?

    If your address falls within a chapter's region, you will automatically become a member of that chapter. Members outside of designated chapter areas are considered members-at-large.

  • May I join more than one chapter?

    LMA members may join more than one chapter. In such cases, the member must pay chapter dues for the second and subsequent chapters. Contact LMA at for multiple chapter enrollment information.

  • LMA Events

  • Where do I find a schedule of LMA webinars?

    A complete schedule of LMA web-based education is available through the LMA CORE Competencies Online eLearning portal.

  • Where do I find a complete schedule of all LMA events?

    A complete schedule can be found on the LMA Calendar of Events.

  • LMA Membership Directory

  • What is the Member Directory?

    The online LMA Member Directory is the most up-to-date directory in the world, listing more than 2,800 legal marketing professionals.

    Updated daily, this directory has a quick, easy-to-use search engine that allows you to locate other members' areas of expertise and industry familiarity in addition to their firms' locations, size and focus (and makes it easy for other members to find you!)

    Only members have access to the Member Directory by logging in and clicking For Members > Member Directory.

  • How do I get my company listed in the LMA Service Providers Directory?

    Boost Your Visibility

    Secure an Enhanced LMA Service Provider Listing

    The Legal Marketing Association’s Service Provider Directory is the place to locate businesses that cater to legal marketing professionals.

    From advertising and blogs to video production and Web site development, the directory allows both members and visitors to focus their search by service category and a number of other factors.

    Companies are entitled to a single listing that may be expanded to include a logo, noteworthy research, product samples and sales documents.

    Contact LMA Headquarters today to build on your Web presence and promote your desire to serve the legal marketing profession.

    Enhanced Listing ($750 annually):

    • Company name and address
    • Company logo
    • Company description
    • Contact information
    • Unlimited service category designations
    • Opportunity to contribute a 200-word article to the Service Provider
    • Spotlight in LMA Briefs

    Upload Product Samples, White Papers, Sales Documents or other files that support your growth One-week as a featured service provider on the LMA home page.

    Related content:

    Service Provider Directory Agreement and Contract

    For questions or to purchase list, please contact Kris Wolcott, LMA Sales Manager.

  • Contact LMA Chapters and LMA Headquarters Staff

  • How do I contact LMA chapters?

    LMA members are welcome at any chapter event at the member price. Click on Chapters to find LMA chapters. Click on the region you're interested in to obtain contact information including websites. Use chapter websites to find information about chapter officers, meeting information and special events.

  • How do I contact LMA staff?

    If the website resources do not meet your needs, please contact us directly.

    Legal Marketing Association
    330 N. Wabash Avenue, Suite 2000
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Phone: (312) 321-6898
    Fax: (312) 673-6894

  • How can my company reach LMA members?

    Introducing... LMA Sponsor Packages

    NEW! LMA introduces package options for service providers to increase exposure with the legal marketing community. Designed with you in mind, the package offerings are a valuable opportunity to easily meet your organization's goals. Your company will be incorporated into various LMA mediums that reach our membership, legal marketing community and beyond! Gain name recognition with visibility in Strategies, the LMA Web site and LMABriefs. Let LMA be your partner as you look to...

    • Increase brand awareness and visibility
    • Share information on a service, product or best practice
    • Gain exposure with fiscal limitations

    Contact LMA Sales Manager Kris Wolcott to learn more.

    LMA Marketing Opportunities MerketingChannels.jpg

    The Legal Marketing Association offers ongoing educational programs, publications and online communication to educate and inform members about the changing legal marketing landscape. Service providers have an opportunity to connect with more than 2,100 legal marketing professionals by partnering with LMA.

    LMA Webinars
    ServiceSide Best Practices Webinar Series

    Strategies — The Journal of Legal Marketing
    Print publication (8 issues per year)

    LMA Website
    Receives tens of thousands of visitors every month

    Monthly electronic newsletter

    LMA Direct Marketing
    Member List Rental

    Service Provider Directory
    Comprehensive directory of legal marketing service providers.

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  • LMA Connect

  • How do I subscribe to a discussion?

    Navigate to the discussion topic of your choice. If you are not subscribed, you will see a subscribe button in the right rail under "About this Topic." When you subscribe, the system will take you to your subscriptions page to manage the type of notification you get.

  • LMA Connect used to send me the full text of the posts, but now it is only sending links.

    This is an option you can change. When you are logged in to the site, click on My Options > My Subscriptions. You currently have everything set as a summary digest. You can update this to either immediate email or the Full Digest with Links. Both of those options will give you the full content of the forum post.

  • How do I unsubscribe from a forum?

    When you are logged in to the site, click on My Options > My Subscriptions. You can then choose to delete your subscriptions to specific forum topics.

  • How do I load files to LMA Connect?

    Navigate to For Members > LMA Connect Files > LMA Connect General Files. Then click the Add File button. A title and description are required. The Date, Owning Group, Category/Topic, and Document Type will default and do not need to be changed. Then just click the add button to open up the ability to browse your desktop for the file. Once loaded, click ok to save your new document.

  • How do I post to an eGroup Discussion?

    There are two ways to post to an eGroup Discussion.

    1. Navigate to the topic you want to post in and click Add Thread. Or click on an already existing thread and select Reply.

    2. You can use the new listserv functionality and post or reply using your email client. You must first be subscribed to the topic. Each topic will have an email address that you can use to email your posts to. You can find this in the right rail of the topic in the About this Topic box.

    LMA Connect Listserv Address

  • LMA Awards

  • What Are the LMA Your Honor Awards?

    The LMA Your Honor Awards are legal marketing's Oscars®, Emmys® and MacArthur Foundation Awards all rolled up into one. This is the vehicle by which LMA honors products and services created by the industry during the past year. The awards recognize the best of the best.

    Each year the quality of submissions establishes new industry standards by challenging our creativity, demonstrating excellence and surprising us with innovations.

  • How do I submit an LMA Your Honor Awards?

    The LMA Your Honor Awards accept submissions between October and December of each year. You must be a member to submit a nomination. To learn more about the nomination process or submit, please visit LMA Your Honor Awards

  • Founded in 1985, LMA is the authority for legal marketing - a forum that brings together legal marketing and business development professionals from firms of all sizes, consultants and vendors, lawyers, and marketing students to share their collective knowledge.

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